Who am I?

Hi, my name is Scott and I am a WiFi junkie.

I have been in the WiFi game since late 2006 and have never looked back. Starting out in hospitality and large resort deployments, then moving on to educational WiFi services (both k-12 and higher ed.) with lots of high density implementations, and for the past six years have been focusing on industrial, manufacturing and warehouse analysis, designs and installations.

These days I get to visit and work in all kinds of amazing places like oil refineries, paper mills, waste water treatment facilities, and even industrial ceramics site. Some places are continuous and batch processes, and some are discrete manufacturing. Each one has provided unique challenges that took serious analysis, imagination and creativity to overcome.

WiFi applications, be it general usage, mesh, point to point or point to multi-point, in the OT space have become my favorite projects.

For those of you not familiar, OT stands for Operational Technology. It is commonly used to reference IT in the industrial and manufacturing automation space, or down of the manufacturing floor if you will. OT uses a ton of the same equipment (managed switches, wireless, AD infrastructure, servers and whatnot) but plays by some different rules.

Anyway, I love what I do and have noticed that there really isn’t much out there talking about WiFi in the OT space and thought I would change that. I hope you like what you read and maybe have some fun at the same time.

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